Secrets Of The Brain

Secrets Of The Brain

3 Seasons

Neuroscientist Dr. Jack Lewis goes in search of people with unusual neurological conditions that give us a fascinating insight into how our brains work.

Secrets Of The Brain
  • Memory

    Episode 1

    Jack meets the world memory champion and a man who can remember every day of his life.

  • Faces

    Episode 2

    Jack meets a man who is unable to recognise faces and puts a super-recogniser to the test.

  • Phantom Limb

    Episode 3

    Jack joins amputees trying to find out why they feel sensations in their missing limbs.

  • Seeing Is Believing

    Episode 4

    Jack meets a man who has bizarre hallucinations and witnesses cutting edge surgery.

  • Time
    Episode 5


    Episode 5

    Jack meets a woman who has lost all sense of time and reveals how time can be elastic.

  • The Senses

    Episode 6

    Jack meets people with synaesthesia and experiences multisensory gastronomy.

  • Pain & Fear

    Episode 7

    Wim Hof teaches Jack how to control his pain and plunge into the ice cold sea.

  • Creativity

    Episode 8

    Jack meets a man with Sudden Artistic Output syndrome and unleashes his creativity.

  • Sleep

    Episode 9

    Jack meets two people who can’t stop falling asleep and finds out the consequences of sleep deprivation

  • Language

    Episode 10

    Jack meets a British man who awoke from a coma speaking only fluent French.