Snow Fest

Snow Fest

Snow Fest
  • K2: The Impossible Descent

    On July 22, 2018, a Polish ski mountaineer clicked into his bindings at an altitude of 8,611m to make history. Follow Andrzej Bargiel’s expedition from Poland to Pakistan, as he descends K2 on skis.

  • Christian Haller

    Christian Haller is a professional athlete with an interesting story. From a very young age he was snowboarding and quickly became obsessed with it.

  • Snowboarding

    How do innovators and athletes work together to beat the competition on the slope and the half pipe?

  • Speedskating

    Speed skater Beorn Nijenhuis and presenter Julien Chang visit laboratories to ask how does technology help to make the difference between silver and gold?

  • Jonathan Charlet

    Jonathan Charlet is a freeride snowboarder and World Champion from Chamonix where he trains on a daily base to stay the best freerider in the world.

  • Emelie Forsberg

    Emelie Forsberg from Sweden is a ski mountaineer and mountain runner. For her it’s the ultimate escapism.

  • Wheels - Jyri Keskiaho

    Jyri is a young guy from Finland and the only professional in freestyle snowmobile in his country.

  • Alex Schwarz

    Alex followed his parents to Finland, fell in love with dog-mushing and now lives with his girlfriend and 85 dogs near the polar circle.

  • James Woods

    James Woods is the rockstar of the free skiing world. He is defiant, a renegade, unafraid to push boundaries and winning is nothing short of a drug to him.

  • Sam Reynolds

    Sam Reynolds is a freestyle MTB rider from England. A rider often booked at the most exotic locations to ride the biggest jumps on the planet.