Social Fabric

Social Fabric

12 Episodes

Take a fun and fascinating journey into the world of streetwear with designer Kyle Ng as he explores iconic streetwear staples and meets the artisans, collectors and celebrities shaping the scene.

Social Fabric
  • Jeans

    Episode 1

    The definition of a wardrobe staple, denim is as diverse as the people who wear it. Kyle Ng travels to Japan to see how to make the world's best jeans and to Los Angeles, California, United States to see the past and future of this fashion icon.

  • T-Shirt

    Episode 2

    Kyle Ng travels the USA to explore the past and present of the T-shirt. He sees new silhouettes, walks the memory lane of 1990s rap tees, and tie dyes with a master.

  • Sneakers

    Episode 3

    Kyle Ng goes to Japan where he visits Asics, talks to Freehand Profit about his process for making sneaker masks, and explores the history of the world’s most-loved punk rock skater shoe with Steve Caballero.

  • The Fedora

    Episode 4

    Kyle Ng explores the Pachuco culture, meets a celebrity hatmaker and travels to the UK to run with the Rude Boys, all to find out more about the infamous headwear known as the fedora.

  • Plaid

    Episode 5

    Kyle Ng visits Scotland to see how tartan is part of a family's DNA, hangs with a low rider club in California and sees how plaid fabric is a part of tribal identity in Africa.

  • Cowboy Boots

    Episode 6

    Kyle Ng travels the world to learn how the cowboy boot made its way off the prairie. He visits Texas, where it all began, chills with cowboys in Rome and rocks out with Kenyan heavy metal cowboys.

  • Leather Jacket

    Episode 7

    Made for bomber pilots, the leather jacket is a beloved style icon all over the world. Kyle Ng gets punk in Tokyo, races around New York and meets the father of the over-the-top 'championship jacket'.

  • Crazy Pants

    Episode 8

    Kyle Ng is out to find the wildest trousers on earth. He visits Jay Kos, a designer taking bottoms to new heights, slips into DIY culture and learns how Japanese workwear is turning into high fashion.

  • The Suit

    Episode 9

    Born on London’s Savile Row, the suit is probably the most famous piece of menswear in history. Kyle Ng looks for for the perfect bespoke suit, meets some Dandies and goes wild with the Nudie suit.

  • Bling
    Episode 10


    Episode 10

    From the hip-hop culture in Los Angeles to the tribal villages of Kenya, Kyle Ng explores the global appeal of shiny jewellery, aka ‘bling’.

  • Sacred Threads

    Episode 11

    Along with musician Johnny P, Kyle heads to Brooklyn Circus to get dressed up for church. He sees how Islamic threads are being modernised at 5ive Pillars, and explores the history of the Sikh turban.

  • Camo
    Episode 12


    Episode 12

    Kyle Ng learns the tactical application of camo from a British Special Forces sniper, gets the perfect streetwear piece for his next skate session and challenges Mark McNairy in a paintball war.