Strange World

Strange World

8 Episodes

Host Alex Hannaford investigates the strangest phenomena of our times by examining evidence, meeting the eye witnesses and searching for an explanation.

Strange World
  • Ice Bombs

    Episode 1

    Alex heads to America search of a scientific explanation for the terrifying phenomenon known as Ice Bombs, which cause fear, devastation and even injury.

  • Alien Sounds

    Episode 2

    Mysterious, alien sky sounds terrify Canadian residents, who struggle to locate their source.

  • Birds

    Episode 3

    Host Alex heads to Arkansas, USA to investigate a Bird Apocalypse where the bodies of thousands of blackbirds rained down from the sky.

  • Killer Mice

    Episode 4

    Alex heads to South Australia to investigate a terrifying rodent infestation.

  • Raining Fish

    Episode 5

    Alex is in Australia’s Northern Territory where a bizarre weather phenomenon took place. Hundreds of fish were reported to have rained down on the outback.

  • Spook Lights

    Episode 6

    Alex Hannaford heads to America to investigate reports of balls of light, known as Spook Lights, floating in the night sky above a remote country road.

  • Tasmanian Tiger

    Episode 7

    Alex seeks the truth behind a reported sightings of the continent’s biggest marsupial carnivore; an elusive wolf-like creature called the Tasmanian Tiger.

  • Toads

    Episode 8

    Investigative journalist Alex Hannaford heads to Hamburg to uncover the truth behind bizarre headlines of exploding toads.