Street Art Challenge

Street Art Challenge

8 Episodes

Street Art Challenge brings artists from different cities together for unique assignments: to blend their styles and perspectives into a new work of street art.

Street Art Challenge
  • Ibiza

    Episode 1

    Three artists head to Ibiza to face their street art challenge - bringing the local community together through art. But the Mediterranean sun is unforgiving.

  • Hong Kong

    Episode 2

    Two street artists team up in downtown Hong Kong to hear their street art challenge create awareness for the cities fast growing food waste problem.

  • St. Petersburg

    Episode 3

    English and South American street artists pair up to take on an epic challenge in the world's biggest country, Russia. The men have to finish a complete circus.

  • Athens

    Episode 4

    Two American street artists try to turn a school into a piece of art. Seems impossible, but this duo turns out to be a real American Dream Team.

  • Bangalore

    Episode 5

    Two worlds collide in one of the busiest cities in the world when Mexico’s most famous street artist is meeting his equivalent on their home turf in India.

  • Rotterdam

    Episode 6

    Two European street artists are teaming up in the Netherlands for the ultimate Street Art Challenge but Mother Nature seems to be doing everything to ruin it.

  • Lisbon

    Episode 7

    Two street artists are fusing their styles together in one of the world's finest cities, Lisbon.The challenge is left hanging by a thread when disaster strikes.

  • London

    Episode 8

    Two legendary street artists team up in London for the ultimate Street Art Challenge. Things get out of hand between the two as it turns into a street fight.