Streetkings in Jail

Streetkings in Jail

4 Episodes

Edward van Gils, the Godfather of street football, has first-hand knowledge of how the beautiful game can help rehabilitate an ex-inmate. Now, he’s joining up with legends of the game to see how the sport is playing a part in communities both inside and outside prison. Alongside Ruud Gullit, Gilberto Silva, Juan Pablo Angel and Kevin Kuranyi, he’s exploring why some street kings make it to the world stage, and others end up behind bars.

Streetkings in Jail
  • Colombia

    Episode 1

    Street footballer Edward van Gils meets up with ex-Colombian striker Juan Pablo Angel. In Bogota life on the streets is tough and football can’t save everyone. Some end up paying for a life of crime in Carcèl Distrital, Colombia’s biggest prison.

  • Germany

    Episode 2

    Street footballer Edward van Gils meets legend Kevin Kurányi - a striker who was born in Brazil but forged a career in Germany. They explore how football can be a used as a tool for integration and connection both in and out of prison.

  • Brazil

    Episode 3

    Street footballer Edward van Gils meets up with Brazilian legend Gilberto Silva. They head to Fundacao Casa, a youth prison in Sao Paulo, to see how the next generation of football talent uses the game to escape tensions between gangs and police.

  • The Netherlands

    Episode 4

    World class street footballer Edward van Gils meets up with Dutch legend Ruud Gullit in his old neighborhood in Amsterdam. They’re heading to Veenhuizen prison to explore how they use the beautiful game as a method of rehabilitation.