The 30//10 Challenge

The 30//10 Challenge

10 Episodes

Three Wingsuit pilots are challenged to explore the boundaries of human flight by completing ten unique and creative aerial stunts within 30 days in Chamonix.

The 30//10 Challenge
  • Fly the RED

    Episode 1

    In episode one of The 30//10 Challenge, we get to know three of the most talented wingsuit base jumpers in the world: Sam Hardy, Nathan Jones and Espen Fadnes.

  • Target smash

    Episode 2

    In the second episode, Sam Hardy and Nathan Jones take on Target Smash, attempting to hit a Styrofoam dartboard whilst they fly at over 250km/h.

  • Fireworks

    Episode 3

    Sam and Nate fulfil a childhood dream: playing with fireworks. The pair plan to attach rockets to their wingsuits before treating Chamonix to a light show.

  • Climb and base

    Episode 4

    Episode four sees Sam and Nate go back to the basics of base jumping. Chamonix is famed for its cable cars, providing easy access to the best jump spots.

  • Artwork

    Episode 5

    In the fifth episode, Sam and Nate celebrate the halfway point of their mission by tackling their most creative task to date: aerial artwork.

  • Slalom

    Episode 6

    Episode 6 sees Sam and Nate take inspiration from skiers and snowboarders to create perhaps the most dangerous and spectacular task to date: slalom.

  • Speed and Flare

    Episode 7

    Taking a trip down memory lane and returning to Aiguille de Midi, Sam and Nate will attempt to measure their top speed for the first time.

  • Powder paint

    Episode 8

    Sam and Nate pick up the paint once more for another artful stunt: powder paint - creating a magical colour bubble on the steep slope of Aiguille du Varan.

  • Acroshow

    Episode 9

    In the ninth episode of the 30//10 Challenge, Sam and Nate accept a challenge set by another extreme sports athlete: Geraldine Fassnach.

  • Mont Blanc Heli-Jump

    Episode 10

    In the final episode, Sam Hardy, Nathan Jones and Espen Fadnes finish their mission in Chamonix by setting themselves their most spectacular task to date.