The Armchair Adventurer

The Armchair Adventurer

24 Episodes

Adam's trip to South Africa in Canadian winter turns into a remote adventure. Unable to go, he recruits Xander for a playful, cross-Atlantic exchange. A 24-min comedy exploring South Africa's beauty.

The Armchair Adventurer
  • The Berg River

    Episode 1

    While Xander gets an up-close look at the tranquil and isolated Kersefontein Farm, Adam becomes a true armchair adventurer, wishing he was experiencing anything besides snowy Canadian weather.

  • The Majestic Cederberg

    Episode 2

    When Adam’s power goes out in Winnipeg, he decides to spend the day building a snow fort. Meanwhile, Xander and his crew take a trip through Cederberg.

  • From Elands to Lamberts Bay

    Episode 3

    Up next, Xander and his team stop to surf the legendary left break at Elands Bay. After experiencing the peace and tranquility of the ocean with South African locals, Xander and his team hit a snag in their journey.

  • Wild Paternoster

    Episode 4

    Adam and Xander go on fishing trips on opposite sides of the globe; one in a winter wonderland and the other in Paternoster, an old South African fishing village.

  • Kraalbaai Caribbean

    Episode 5

    While Xander and his team experience the joys of wakeboarding in the beautiful Kraalbaai Caribbean, Adam attempts to replicate this experience.

  • The Langeberg Mountains

    Episode 6

    The South African crew travels to the Langeberg Mountains for a luxurious day of relaxation and exploration while Adam searches for wildlife on his makeshift Canadian safari.

  • Royalty in Robertson

    Episode 7

    While Xander and his team experience the lush, green valleys and incredible vineyards in Robertson, Adam learns a tough lesson about not only surviving, but thriving.

  • Historical Swellendam

    Episode 8

    While Xavier works with a professional South African stunt performer to go mountain biking and kayaking, Adam endeavors to complete a stunt of his own.

  • On the Edge in Gans Bay

    Episode 9

    While Xander travels to the fishing town of Gansbaai to experience the joys, and horrors, of the sea, Adam experiences a few frights of his own back at home.

  • The Valley of Desolation

    Episode 10

    Xander and his team travel to Graaff-Reinet, one of the oldest towns in South Africa, to enjoy food, history, and nature, while Adam spends the day searching for fossils in his hometown.

  • The Dullstroom Highlands

    Episode 11

    Xander and his team drive eleven hours to Dullstroom, a quaint town where fishing and drinking prevails. Across the pond, Adam’s desire to participate with Xander and his crew takes him all the way to the grocery store.

  • The Panorama

    Episode 12

    On opposite sides of the world, Adam and a member of the South African crew each attempt to conquer their fears.

  • Into the Bush

    Episode 13

    As Xander and his crew travel into the bush, they discover South Africa’s most beautiful qualities: national parks, safaris, and magnificent wildlife.

  • The Lowveldt

    Episode 14

    As Adam battles a wave of sadness, Xander and his team experience an African safari from the top of a horse, viewing spectacular wildlife and breathtaking savannahs.

  • From Ohrigstad to Pilgrims Rest

    Episode 15

    From the Echo Caves of South Africa to the historical Pilgrims Rest, Xander begins to feel at home again in the location where he grew up.

  • From Grabouw to Botriver

    Episode 16

    A wine farm surrounded by mountains, a day of hiking and picnics, and delectable food paired with premium wine is on the itinerary for Xander and his team as they make their way from Grabouw to Botrivier.

  • The Southern Tip of Africa

    Episode 17

    At the southernmost point in Africa, Xander meets up with an old friend to explore the unique landscape of a seaside town and enjoy the many amenities offered.

  • Winelands of the Cape

    Episode 18

    While Xander and his team enjoy good food and wine at the family owned Spier Wine Farm, Adam spends his day making cider and looking through his family’s belongings.

  • Riding Waves in Stilbaai

    Episode 19

    In Stilbaai, Xander and his crew partake in a peaceful shammanic practice before embarking on an intimidating adventure. Back in Canada, Adam learns a lesson about moderation.

  • From Mosselbay to Pinnacle Point

    Episode 20

    As Xander travels from Mosselbay to Pinnacle Point, he and his team encounter a beautiful ziplining course, the best golfing in all of South Africa, and an all inclusive spa day.

  • Ancient forests of Tsitsikamma

    Episode 21

    Xander takes full advantage of the opportunities given to him by experiencing all that Tsitsikamma has to offer, whether that be bungee jumping, quad biking, or visiting a 60’s diner.

  • The Animals of Oudtshoorn

    Episode 22

    Xander starts his day by receiving a surprising phone call from Adam before heading to Chandelier Game Lodge to visit Africa’s most exquisite animals.

  • Creations of Prins Albert

    Episode 23

    Despite unforeseen travel complications, Xander travels through a picturesque mountain pass to Prince Albert to enjoy the olive farms and other specialties the town has to offer.

  • The Ghosts of Matjiesfontein

    Episode 24

    With one final trip ahead of them, Xander and his crew make their way from the scorching desert of Lindbergh to the haunted ghost town of Matjiesfontein.