The Blockchain Life

The Blockchain Life

6 Episodes

In The Blockchain Life we are diving deep into everything crypto, talking to some of the biggest players in the game. This series is the most comprehensive view of crypto the world has ever seen.

The Blockchain Life
  • El Salvador vs the World Bank

    Episode 1

    El Salvador made a controversial decision when it announced that Bitcoin would become a legal tender in the country. President Bukele has shown his support for crypto, but will it help the local communities, or endanger their finances?

  • The NFT Phenomenon

    Episode 2

    Dive into the biggest hype in crypto over the past few years: Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs. Will they revolutionize the digital art world, or are they just another money-making scheme?

  • Mystery of the Metaverse

    Episode 3

    From digital universes to augmented reality fashion and virtual concerts – the idea of the Metaverse is an exciting new world. But is this something that people want, and what part does blockchain technology play in this digital evolution?

  • The Ripple vs SEC Saga

    Episode 4

    When the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) classified a cryptocurrency called XRP as an illegally sold security, the impact was immediate. Early purchasers were powerless as they lost money on their XRP. Now, they’re fighting back.

  • The Alternate Economy in Nigeria

    Episode 5

    We’re in Nigeria where the impact of blockchain is arguably bigger than in most other places. But a government ban, after crypto was used to fund protests, disrupted this emerging industry and now people are having to find ways to work around it.

  • Decentralized Dream

    Episode 6

    Trading crypto has become so easy that many people invest both their free time and their savings on trading platforms. But behind the success stories and crypto millionaires, the market is volatile and unregulated, leaving investors vulnerable.