The Flying Kestrel

The Flying Kestrel

2 Seasons

The team behind Kestrel Beer join forces one of the world's best drag racing engineers and are attempting to break multiple land speed records in a 1930s kestrel riley classic car. But after crashing out at 148mph can this flying kestrel rise again? This series follows the events as they learn from the mistakes of the past, rebuild the car and attempt to break the land speed record.

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The Flying Kestrel
  • Stripped

    Episode 1

    Meet Nigel McNally and the team from Kestrel Beer who has hopes of breaking the land speed record in a restored 1930’a Riley Kestrel 9.

  • Dyno Test

    Episode 2

    The record attempt is only one week away and everything seems to be on track, until the results of a dyno test put a spanner in the works.

  • Meet the Press

    Episode 3

    The official press launch of The Flying Kestrel at legendary racetrack, Santa Pod. The Kestrel team is joined by Victor Riley of Riley Cars, and celebrity Rachel Riley.

  • Record Day

    Episode 4

    Record Day – The transformation is complete and it’s time for The Flying Kestrel to be put to the test. But has the team gone too far too fast?

  • The Record Attempt

    Episode 5

  • The Flying Kestrel: The Renovation Diaries

    Episode 6

    The owner of Kestrel Beer buys an original 1930’s Riley Kestrel, with the intention of restoring it and then breaking the land-speed record. This series follows the events from restoration to record day.