The Flying Kestrel

The Flying Kestrel

2 Seasons

The team behind Kestrel Beer join forces one of the world's best drag racing engineers and are attempting to break multiple land speed records in a 1930s kestrel riley classic car. But after crashing out at 148mph can this flying kestrel rise again? This series follows the events as they learn from the mistakes of the past, rebuild the car and attempt to break the land speed record.

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The Flying Kestrel
  • The Crash

    Episode 1

    After driver Jon Webster crashes the Flying Kestrel at 148 mph, the team must work out what went wrong and have to decide if the dream of a land speed record is worth risking it all?

  • The Rebuild

    Episode 2

    The Flying Kestrel team regroup at Jon’s workshop as he shows them his new groundbreaking ideas to rebuild the car to give them the best chance at breaking a land speed record.

  • The Test

    Episode 3

    The new version of the Flying Kestrel is ready to be put to the test at one of the most state of the art wind tunnels. Has the team done enough to create a record-breaking car?

  • The Reveal

    Episode 4

    At Santa Pod raceway, engineer and driver Jon Webster reveals the final Flying Kestrel to Joel and Nigel McNully, he gives them a tour around the finished car and shows them all the changes he has made, all to hopefully get a land speed record.

  • Ready to race

    Episode 5

    The Flying Kestrel team heads back to the 2 mile long runway at Elvington, where last year Jon Webster crashed the car. He drives it in anger for the first time since that fateful day but have they done enough?

  • The Record

    Episode 6

    Driver Jon Webster is strapped in and ready to push the Flying Kestrel to its limits.The Kestrel team must overcome multiple problems on the day to stand any chance of topping the time sheets and can Jon keep the kestrel on track and break the record

  • The Flying Kestrel: Return of the Riley

    Episode 7

    Can the team behind Kestrel Beer and one of the world’s best drag racing engineers break multiple land speed records in a 1930s Kestrel Riley classic car?