The Flying Kestrel

The Flying Kestrel

2 Seasons

The owner of Kestrel Beer buys an original 1930’s Riley Kestrel, with the intention of restoring it and then breaking the land-speed record. This series follows the events from restoration to record day.

The Flying Kestrel
  • Stripped

    Episode 1

    Meet Nigel McNally and the team from Kestrel Beer who has hopes of breaking the land speed record in a restored 1930’a Riley Kestrel 9.

  • Dyno Test

    Episode 2

    The record attempt is only one week away and everything seems to be on track, until the results of a dyno test put a spanner in the works.

  • Meet the Press

    Episode 3

    The official press launch of The Flying Kestrel at legendary racetrack, Santa Pod. The Kestrel team is joined by Victor Riley of Riley Cars, and celebrity Rachel Riley.

  • Record Day

    Episode 4

    Record Day – The transformation is complete and it’s time for The Flying Kestrel to be put to the test. But has the team gone too far too fast?

  • The Record Attempt

    Episode 5