The Garms Dealer

The Garms Dealer

5 Episodes

Sam Morgan, also known as The Garms Dealer, is a 20-year-old fashion guru dressing the world’s biggest football stars. From Pogba to Messi: if there’s something exclusive or hard to get, he’s the guy they call.

The Garms Dealer
  • Jack Grealish

    Episode 1

    Britsh football’s most expensive footballer Jack Grealish is famous for his rascal style and is after some particularly crazy pieces in this episode. An additional last-minute request for some vintage items puts Sam to the test: will he be able to pull it off?

  • Declan Rice

    Episode 2

    Sam's old mate and England’s rising star Declan Rice is after some new drip. It’s a special order for Sam as the two have been friends for years. As well as sharing the secrets of his wardrobe, Declan will be sharing a secret about his lucky trainers

  • Wilf Zaha

    Episode 3

    Crystal Palace and Ivory Coast winger Wilf Zaha is going on holiday and has an urgent order for Sam. He’s after a number of hard-to-get items, including a very rare and expensive Prada jacket. Is the Garms Dealer going to be able to deliver on time?

  • Diogo Dalot

    Episode 4

    It’s a race against time for Sam as he travels to Manchester with deliveries for two stars on both sides of the city’s football divide: Diogo Dalot of Man United and Ferran Torres of Man City. He’s got to sort over 40 items before time runs out and Torres is off to the pitch.

  • Emile Smith Rowe

    Episode 5

    Arsenal's number 10 and Sam's good friend Emile Smith Rowe is looking to get hold of a pair of the most sought-after sneakers on the market: the rare Travis Scott Dunks. Can the Garms Dealer find him a pair in time, and for the right price?