The Next Crypto Gem

The Next Crypto Gem

7 Episodes

The Next Crypto Gem puts some of the best projects in WEB3 to the ultimate test. Expert judges challenge our teams to sell their projects through competitions with real-world applications.

The Next Crypto Gem
  • The One with the Casting

    Episode 1

    From all the global submissions our judges will narrow the field of hopefuls down to sixteen. Only 4 teams will vie for The Next Crypto Gem title.

  • The One with the No Coiners

    Episode 2

    "Original Shark Tank shark Kevin Harrington will inspire our teams to tackle the challenge of presenting to a group of "No Coiners.""

  • The One where you Show Me Your Hand

    Episode 3

    In this episode's challenge, the teams will have to create a 2-min video on their revolutionary idea after a crypto history trivia challenge with time penalties for incorrect answers.

  • The One with the Cocktail Party

    Episode 4

    It's a party! However, some partygoers are influencers excited to enter the crypto space. During the party, our teams learn of these influencers and that one team will be leaving them.

  • The One with the Crypto Crossfire

    Episode 5

    The 3 remaining teams compete in a political-style debate. Not before, they receive moving messages from their loved ones. One team will GO HOME!

  • The One where they Pitch the Whales

    Episode 6

    The final 2 teams face their biggest challenge, pitching to whales. They will share their ideas with investors; then they'll go before our judges. One team will crowned The Next Crypto Gem.

  • The One where they Look Back & Forward

    Episode 7

    A look back at the first season of The Next Crypto Gem with judge Brian D. Evans and producer Jeff Tang. They will tell us about some exciting news for season two!