The Streets

The Streets

6 Episodes

The Streets follows up-and-coming musicians across America immersed in their local music cultures including a rapper who juggles music and motherhood and a punk rocker dealing with his sexuality.

The Streets
  • Detroit

    Episode 1

    Punk rocker Jon-Mikal formed his band The Idiot Kids as a way to deal with his sexuality. After coming out to his family at 21, he uses writing and his stage performance as a form of therapy.

  • New York

    Episode 2

    Rapper Shiniqua, aka Pretty Little Monster, juggles motherhood while trying to avoid the trappings of Instagram fame. Her passion is writing rap lyrics and always tries to keep it real.

  • Las Vegas

    Episode 3

    Las Vegas is home to a hot rod car club community which over the decades has been connected to the rise of rockabilly music. Through Luke Metz and his band, Shanda & The Howlers, we learn how this bond between fashion, music and cars was created.

  • Miami

    Episode 4

    James Lance gets to grips with his Colombian roots while trying to build a career as a Latin hip hop artist. After raising himself as a teenager, he refuses to give up and dreams of a better future.

  • Houston

    Episode 5

    Jamie Hancock was raised in Houston’s South Park area, a place notorious for gang violence, but also where hip hop artists created a new sound. Today, a new positive message is being created by people like Jamie through music.

  • Los Angeles

    Episode 6

    Los Angeles based electronic music producer and DJ Moe Espinosa, aka Drumcell, has created sonic soundscapes which tell cinematic stories with his music. Moe has always tried to avoid commercialism and by having a vision that remains independent.