2 Seasons

THRU is an exciting reality knock out game. In each episode the teams follow a precise straight line from A to B and overcome the obstacles.

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  • The Pool

    Episode 1

    Eighteen contestants are ready to participate in this brand reality game, hosted by Brendan Moar. They have to go over, under or thru the obstacles.

  • The Warzone

    Episode 2

    With Vivian and Valerya out, Thru continues with the second track. The teams have to follow their path through an old warzone and emotions run high.

  • The Basement

    Episode 3

    After the emotional exits of Frank and Tung Tung, the competition continues with an Olympic touch. Will team red earn money for their jackpot this time?

  • The Swamp

    Episode 4

    Trusting Vitor was difficult, so the red team sent him away. Blue team fights back, without soldier Keith. No closed doors this time but mud, insect and reed.

  • The Lake

    Episode 5

    Both teams have proven to be equally strong. How will the red team perform without ‘motherly’ Erika? And will team bonding continue in the blue team?

  • The Barricades

    Episode 6

    From five team members to four, this time. The teams have to follow a track through an industrial area. Ionut describes it as Very heavy.

  • The Pain

    Episode 7

    The teams are now facing probably the most difficult elimination, set on the Mediterranean coast. Who has to go, with the finale luring?

  • The Capital

    Episode 8

    Brendan has an exciting end game for the four remaining players. What will be stronger, the will to win solo or the bond between the team mates?