2 Seasons

THRU is an exciting reality knock out game. In each episode the teams follow a precise straight line from A to B and overcome the obstacles.

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  • Test Of Strength

    Episode 1

    In La Herradura, east of Malaga, the teams are up against their first challenge of mastering the obstacles and also securing their position within the group.

  • Vertigo

    Episode 2

    With Katie and Dieako out, it’s on to the second track. The teams have to wade their way through an aqueduct; not an easy task if you are afraid of heights.

  • Mind The Gap

    Episode 3

    The competition continues crossing an impressive canyon. Will the contestants be able to lean on each other? How will they deal with group dynamics?

  • Access Denied

    Episode 4

    Unity and team play have been replaced with strategy and mind games in team red. Tactfulness is essential for the teams crossing the industrial zone.

  • Double Cross

    Episode 5

    The red team is leading with a bigger jackpot and the blue team has proven strength. What kind of drastic measures will Gary take to speed up his team?

  • Mystery Lake

    Episode 6

    Gaby is the last woman standing in the blue team. This time the teams have to deal with multiple confrontations: highs versus lows, light versus dark.

  • Blocked

    Episode 7

    With the final in sight, making wise decisions from start to finish will be of the utmost importance for the remaining contestants!

  • The Final Verdict

    Episode 8

    All six semi-finalists go through to the final. Laurens has conspired with Lienke and Arttu. And will Gaby still be able to secure her spot in the blue team?