Ultimate Processes

Ultimate Processes

10 Episodes

In Ultimate Processes, presenter Francesca Chiorando visits ten very different places to discover what goes on in the world of modern manufacturing.

Ultimate Processes
  • Guitars

    Episode 1

    Francesca Chiorando is in the UK to visit custom electric guitar makers Crimson Guitars and the iconic Marshall Amplification factory in Milton Keynes.

  • Prodrive

    Episode 2

    Francesca Chiorando hits the racetrack for a test drive in one of the fastest motorsport cars in the world, a hand-built Prodrive Aston Martin.

  • Tractors

    Episode 3

    In this episode Francesca Chiorando goes inside the largest tractor factory in the UK to see how they build their newest bespoke tractor.

  • Vespa

    Episode 4

    In this episode of Ultimate Processes Francesca Chiorando goes inside the Vespa factory in Italy - to see how they build their iconic scooters.

  • Waterford

    Episode 5

    Francesca finds out how the world famous Waterford crystal is made and gets to try out glass blowing and glass cutting with surprising results.

  • Helicopters

    Episode 6

    In this episode of Ultimate Processes, we investigate how the AW 101, one of the world’s most advanced search and rescue helicopters is designed and built.

  • Boats

    Episode 7

    Presenter Francesca Chiorando visits an Italian company called Wally making some of the best looking and technologically advanced super yachts in the world.

  • Bikes

    Episode 8

    We are in the middle of a cycling revolution and these days there’s a bike for every occasion, so presenter Francesca Chiorando tries out two of them.

  • Motor Homes

    Episode 9

    Francesca visits two companies making wooden houses. One makes flat pack homes for assembly and the other specialises in creating beautiful wooden frames.

  • Wooden Houses

    Episode 10

    Francesca finds out for herself just how good today’s mobile homes can be . She visits one UK company who specialise in producing top of the range vehicles.