Yiannimize Unwrapped

Yiannimize Unwrapped

6 Episodes

Car customizer, Yianni Charalambous, invites celebrities to his supercar garage and puts them on the spot with real-life challenges, quick fire Q & A, a gaming showdown and a custom wrapped Yiannimize memento!

Yiannimize Unwrapped
  • Snoochie Shy

    Episode 1

    Model, presenter, radio dj and style icon Snoochie Shy talks about becoming a viral sensation. Yianni gives her a driving challenge and Snoochie’s final challenge is a game of “hot or not” - a quiz with the loser doing shots of chilli sauce!

  • LV General

    Episode 2

    LV General is a musical artist with a big profile on social media from his prank videos. Challenged to football skills, eating hot chicken wings and a Mario Kart game, LV is over-the-top entertainment.

  • Charlie Davis

    Episode 3

    Magician Charlie Davis has built a big online following through his viral videos. He brings his youthful bag of tricks to Yiannimize HQ where they talk about his growing fan base. Before Charlie leaves he blows Yianni’s mind with a final illusion.

  • Tom Exton

    Episode 4

    Tom Exton is a popular luxury car and watch YouTube influencer. At Yiannimize HQ Tom gives insight on his life rubbing shoulders with billionaires while later, he challenges Yianni to a game, putting his own £45k watch on the table as the prize.

  • Matt Richardson

    Episode 5

    Stand up comedian Matt Richardson visits Yiannimize HQ and is challenged to an impromptu stand-up gig in the back of Yianni’s garage. Making Yianni and his Team laugh is harder than expected, but Yianni delivers him newly wrapped gift to take home.

  • Paul Olima

    Episode 6

    Paul Olima is an ex-professional rugby player, fitness fanatic and now a Tik Tok star. His big personality drops by Yiannimize HQ to discuss his life as a young black man growing up in Ireland. Paul gets treated to a newly wrapped Mercedes!