7 Days

7 Days

7 Episodes

Kitesurfing brother and sister Kevin and Jalou Langeree each travel to seven different countries to compete against each other in seven challenging races.

7 Days
  • Day 1

    Episode 1

    Kevin travels to Switzerland and has 24 hours to go from Zurich to the Swiss mountains, while Jalou finds an exciting way to go from Cannes to Corsica.

  • Day 2

    Episode 2

    Jalou has 24 hours to get from Barcelona to Tarragona where she conquers the Catalonian mountains with her mountain bike. Kevin tries to beat her in Slovenia.

  • Day 3

    Episode 3

    Kevin leaves civilization behind in Suriname, while thousands of kilometers away, Jalou has to go literally through the trees in an Australian forest.

  • Day 4

    Episode 4

    Jalou and Kevin travel to far colder places to challenge each other in an ice climbing competition.

  • Day 5

    Episode 5

    In the Chinese desert, Kevin finds out that desert racing is difficult. While in Bolivia, Jalou wants to prove to her brother that women can be better drivers.

  • Day 6

    Episode 6

    After exploring Peru, Jalou has to get over her fear when she goes white water kayaking. In Thailand, Kevin is feeling the pressure.

  • Day 7

    Episode 7

    After a week, Kevin and Jalou find themselves in the same country again: Canada. They travel from Vancouver to Whistler for the final challenge.