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Foodwise is an original series created by the Travelogue team at CGTN. With the distinctive food of China as the main theme, we explore the story and people behind iconic dishes.

  • Eat Like Confucius

    Episode 1

    "Foodwise" host Tianran He explores the ancient town of Qufu the birthplace of Confucius.

  • Chongqing

    Episode 2

    Welcome to Chongqing, China's largest city. Located in the country's southwest, it straddles two mighty rivers and is famed for its extraordinary skyline, with high-rises mushrooming out of the hills and vertigo-inducing bridges.

  • Veggie Beijing

    Episode 3

    Beijing is a 3000-year old metropolis home to a dizzying array of culinary traditions, not least of which is vegetarian cuisine. For Beijingers, eating vegetarian is the best way to welcome spring. Today, Tianran and Angela take up the challenge.

  • Great Walls of Beijing

    Episode 4

    From feasts of tofu made using well-water and fish caught fresh from the reservoir, to bubbling cauldrons of thinly-sliced lamb, the hilly suburbs of Beijing are home to some of the best-loved weekend escapes, and they're all by the Great Wall.

  • How to Order Chinese Food

    Episode 5

    In this episode, hosts Tianran and Eva will give you a crash course on everything from choosing the right restaurant, to pairing dishes according to color, aroma, taste and form, so that at the end, you too can feast your friends like a pro.

  • The Herbal Way of Life

    Episode 6

    In this Foodwise episode, our hosts Tianran He and Eva May explore this ancient concept of medicine food homology as they taste their way through different herbs.

  • Xilingol

    Episode 7

    In Xilin Gol, the local cuisines here are so attractive to the tourists, such as the roasted lamb is a traditional local dish. And the fired stone fried lamb is so hard to find if you are not traveling to Inner Mongolia.Just join in this visual trip!

  • Kunming

    Episode 8

    Join host Tianran He in Kunming, the capital of Yunnan province in southwest China. Named the Spring City for its perennially good weather, Kunming is one of China's most ethnically diverse cities, something that's reflected in its food.

  • The Taste of Home

    Episode 9

    Eva rediscovers her love for a classic century-old dish in her hometown Vienna. Meanwhile, Beijing's charming autumn season sets Tianran back in time as he rediscovers flavors from his childhood.

  • Shaoxing

    Episode 10

    Join host Tianran He in the historic water town of Shaoxing, famed for its yellow wine. Traversing its canals by boat, Tianran discovers why it's said there are 10,000 bridges in Shaoxing.

  • Haikou
    Episode 11


    Episode 11

    Welcome to Haikou, also known as the Coconut City! Join Tianran experiencing the culinary culture and urban character of this tropical paradise. From light and sweet coconut chicken hotpot to refreshing herbal desserts and spicy rice soup.

  • Hainan's Four Famous Dishes

    Episode 12

    The stunning east coast of Hainan in southeast China, attract numerous visitors to travel. Hainan’s four famous dishes are chicken, duck, goat and crab.