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Watch this video and more on Insight TV

Up Next in Hollywood Weapons: Fact or Fiction? - Season 4

  • Meet the Smiths

    Terry finally gets to compare himself to Brad Pitt!! Terry and Larry test 3 scenes from action film Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Can a refrigerator or elevator door protect our heroes? Also, can you ignite a gas line with just a bullet? Larry may not look as stunning as Angelina Jolie, but he will help Te

  • Nightmare on Hollywood Weapons

    Terry and Larry get to test several scenes from Horror films! Terry wants to find out what is the best way to kill a Zombie, just in case he ever ends up in a Zombie Apocalypse, and they will test a scene from the horror classic, Freddie vs. Jason!

  • All for One!

    Terry travels back in time to see if he can make it as a Three Musketeer! Can he throw his sword and kill the enemy? Can the cross that he wears around his neck stop a bullet? Can a lead ball ignite from a black powder ignite a carriage full of black powder and brandy? Terry enlists the help of h