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Equalizing Terry

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Hollywood Weapons: Fact or Fiction?

The Last Crusade of Indiana Terry

Season 4, Episode 1 • 20m

Up Next in Hollywood Weapons: Fact or Fiction? - Season 4

  • Equalizing Terry

    Terry and Larry will test 3 scenes from Denzel Washington’s Equalizer films. Can Terry be as cool as Denzel and use propane tanks and a microwave to create an explosion, use a staple gun to take out the bad guy, or create a scenario where a flash bang will ignite a room full of baking flour?

  • Silencing Terry

    Terry wants to demonstrate how Hollywood has used different objects to silence a gunshot, and he and Larry will take to the range to see which one is the most qualified to act as a silencer. Terry also has a sit-down with Joey Zasa from Godfather 3 (Joe Mantegna) to discuss what he thinks of Hollyw

  • Meet the Smiths

    Terry finally gets to compare himself to Brad Pitt!! Terry and Larry test 3 scenes from action film Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Can a refrigerator or elevator door protect our heroes? Also, can you ignite a gas line with just a bullet? Larry may not look as stunning as Angelina Jolie, but he will help Te